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Why CasaExpats?

CasaExpats is dedicated to a select community of qualified expatriates and other senior executives in Morocco.

Business and social networking are the prime focus points of CasaExpats, and thanks to our platform, they are closely integrated.

What makes CasaExpats unique is the prominence of the target members and the business opportunities that could be explored and built through this close-knit network.

To support the networking to the fullest extent, CasaExpats provides a comprehensive online platform offering a set of interaction tools, as well as a premium information service.

The founders and representatives of CasaExpats are themselves highly active in the business community, both in Casablanca and internationally, at executive managerial positions. They have personal experiences and insights from expatriate careers to and out of Casablanca.

An Insight Into Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco's largest city, is a cosmopolitan port where visitors can eat, drink, shop and wander, surrounded by an alluring blend of tradition and progressiveness.

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