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  • Enjoy the opportunity to become "an ambassador": ambassadors can create their own events and co-organize this with CasaExpats. They also have the possibility to create a country community group (see below) for which they would be a sponsor.

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Take part in countless CasaExpats Activities to meet members and enjoy shared hobbies together.

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Get access to the CasaExpats one to one VIP service for business & friendly network opportunities as well as any general and diverse advice on your new expat life including: what to do in Casablanca, where to eat, where to go for a night out, where to find a good doctor or the right housekeeper/nanny or a trustworthy driver, how to create a company in Morocco etc.

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Join any of our focused Community Groups to connect with members from your home country who share your interests and hobbies.

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Find new expat contacts with a comprehensive search tool.

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Send messages and chat with other members to build your expat network.


Receive and exchange valuable tips with the community in the CasaExpats forum with specific sections about jobs, accommodations, trips, marketplace etc.

Morocco & Casablanca Guide:

Access well-researched information about Morocco and Casablanca expat life.

Expatriation Matters:

Get relevant tips on general expat matters and read about other members' experiences.

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